October 4, 2023

El Dependent presents “Exorbitante”, his new single

El Dependent presents “Exorbitante”, his new single

El Dependente is actually the solo project of Argentinean Marcelo Zeoli. “Exorbitante”, his new cut, talks about bipolar disorder, or more precisely, having a relationship with someone who suffers from this pathology and at the same time questioning whether oneself is not being affected.

“The initiative for this track corresponds to Agustín della Croce, who sent me this cadence of chords but in a more electronic plan, on which I built the melody and lyrics. Then Ezequiel Araujo joined the production and I suggested taking him to a more acoustic place. I think it’s a novel song in terms of its structure and its instrumentation. Something very particular happens when you play it, I feel that it works like a chill song and at the same time powerful, the volume can be decisive to highlight some of these possibilities”, comments El Dependiente in a press release for NoEsFm.

El Dependiente has released two albums: “Message new” (2012) and “Despossessed” (2020), with guests such as Daniel Melero, Leo García and Carola Bony. It brings together the classical world with the folkloric, the song with the ambient and the cinema of Leonardo Favio, from whose inspiration he drinks his greatest poison.

Marcelo Zeoli was the singer of Los Látigos, during the 90s and at the beginning of the new century, when they toured throughout Latin America and found an unusual echo for their particular combo of funk, electronica and post-punk on the dance highway.

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